Wendy Hollender

Artist Statement      

“I find plants, their life cycle and their by products- flowers, seedpods, fruits interesting subjects for my artwork. There is beauty and complexity in the most common plants.

I love the outdoors and diversity found in different environments and the plants that grow in these diverse settings. I am equally excited by the Rain Forest and the Prairies of Iowa. For a city girl from Manhattan they are both fascinating. When I started drawing plants, I thought a flower’s life cycle began and ended in a bucket at the local flower shop. The more I examined and observed plants the more I learned. I often work on location and am interested in showing a suggestion of the habitat the plant comes from along with it’s life cycle.

It doesn’t matter to me that past botanical illustrators and scientist have studied, documented and photographed these plants. For me it is as if I am an explorer and I have discovered nature’s beauty for the first time.”

Artist Wendy Hollender had designed textiles for more than 20 years. Through her work developing floral designs for clients such as Wedgwood China and Westpoint Stevens, she became intrigued with the complex beauty of plants.
This fascination inspired Wendy to become a full time Botanical Artist and Illustrator. Since 2002 her work has focused in this area. Currently some of her clients include:the French beauty company Coty Inc., the Riverside Park Fund, the Morven Garden and Museum, the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and the New York Botanical Garden.

Wendy is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. She also possesses a certificate of botanical illustration from the New York Botanical Garden, where she teaches botanical art and illustration. She will be taking a group of students to Trinidad and Tobago in January of 2007 for a week long workshop at the world famous ASA Right Nature Preserve.

She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Artists, the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators,and  the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Florilegium Society.

For more information and to contact Wendy, please visit:
Email:  wendyhollender@gmail.com

Recent  solo exhibits:

“Riverside Park and Beyond” at the Interchurch Gallery in New York City Spring 2006.
September 2006 - Grinnell College in Iowa in the Print and Drawing Study Room at the Burling Library.
Royal Horticultural Society of London in February 2007.

“Coastal Botanicals, from Nantucket and Beyond” at Wellesley College December.
"Native Flora- Botanical Treasures of the Northeastern Seaboard" at the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset, MA.
"Guild of Natural Science Illustrators traveling show Alive in New York: A Growing Invasion".

Solo exhibit at the
Horticultural Society of New York

"Focus on Nature", New York State Museum
Broadway Magnolia was  part of  the exhibit.

She painted the walls of one of New York City's finest Italian restaurants, Cesca, with inspiration from ancient frescos, vegetables and architectural details of Italy. Cesca at 166 West 75th Street opened in September 2003. In May of 2004 she painted botanical frescos at a villa in Tuscany, Italy called Villa Il Sogno. www.villailsogno.com



Fig 2006 - Wendy Hollender
Sacred Lotus
Sacred Lotus 2006 - Wendy Hollender
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