Lynne K. Railsback

Artists’ Statement

I don’t paint roses, orchids or iris. The plants that grow in the woods and prairies in the Midwest are my subjects. I particularly enjoy the plants in fall and winter with their interesting shapes, colors and textures. I begin a painting without doing preliminary studies, drawing pencil lines on the paper or relying on photographs. Instead my inspiration is the physical plant "close up and personal".

My pigments are limited to Viridian, Permanent Rose, Burnt Umber, Aureolin & French Ultramarine, my paper Strathmore 500 series 3 ply Bristol board and my brushes Jack Richeson 9000 series #3/0, #0/0 & #1/0 synthetic.

I have been privileged to have solo exhibitions in botanical gardens and arboretums as well as to be included in group exhibitions throughout the United States and U.K. My ambition is to become recognized as a notable botanical artist but it's my watercolors that best represent my artists' statement.

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Common Burdock, Arctium minus, 7.5 x 9.5", watercolor © Lynne K. Railsback, 2011

Common Tansy, Tanacetum vulgare, water color, 10 x 14"
© Lynne K. Railsback, 2011

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