Keiko Tokunaga

I began to draw illustrations at the age of 18 mainly for childrens books. After taking care of two foster children, I started to draw botanical art.

The first objects are the oak trees, precisely the Fagaceae species, in Japan. The reason to pick oak trees is that they are very popular trees for many people and their fruits, acorns, are loved by children. Also the oak trees are very big not only in height, but also in width with expanding branches. Many trees are respected by the local people because of their age and capacity.

It took almost 10 years to draw all species common in Japan and my work was published as book titled “Pictorial Encyclopedia of Oaks in Japan” in 2004.

I presented some drawings at 2001 Royal Horticulture Society (RHS) exhibition in London, U.K., and was awarded the Gold Medal. Two drawings are kept at RHS library in London.

Now I am expanding my interest to other trees and flowers while continuing my work for the oak trees in the World.

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Quercus miyagii
Quercus miyagii - Watercolor
210mmW x 240mmH © 1996

Images © Keiko Tokunaga

Quercus crispula
Quercus crispula - Watercolor
250mmW x 250mmH © 2001
Quercus hondae
Quercus hondae - Watercolor
250mmW x 250mmH © 2002
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