Justin Schneider

When Justin Schneider was very young, he would dream up worlds populated with all kinds of creatures, plants, and people. Justin would try to draw these ideas but became frustrated when the picture would not turn out the way he imagined. It wasn’t till after schooling in design and architecture that he began to master the craft of painting and illustration. With new confidence, Justin could paint the vision others would cast and take his worlds and illustrate them for others to see and experience.

After graduating from Notre Dame, Justin went on to design performance running shoes for Adidas, New Balance, and Reebok. After work, he would draw his friends and paint for his family. Interest rose in Justin’s work and he started to do commissioned artwork for clients around the Boston area. This lead him to his dream job as a National Geographic illustrator and designer.  Over the last year, Justin has traveled to Spain, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, and most notably Madagascar illustrating compositions of newly discovered medicinal plants. He now has a collection of over 110+ botanicals from around the world. These illustrations can be viewed and purchased at his website: justinastory.com

Justin’s illustrations have been showcased at Emory’s Art Gala, solo shows at Boxwoods Home & Decor, Crema Galleries, and Crump Gallery in Atlanta. His work has also been on display at the Snite Museum of Art in Southbend, Indiana. Each are select compositions showcased, signed, and hand framed in ebony. Justin creates all his own compositions from life and works in traditional oils, graphite, charcoal, and new media (digital art).

If you have interest in commissioned work, Justin’s botanical collections, or would simply like to connect with the artist he can be contacted both by email and phone.

Phone  | +1 404.406.6897
Email  | schneider@justinastory.com
Website | www.justinastory.com


Fandrotrarana, graphite and watercolor print, 11x17in
collection x/50 © Justin Schneider.



Garana, graphite and watercolor print, 11x17in collection x/50 © Justin Schneider.
Bongambosy (Cat Balls)
graphite and watercolor print, 11x17in, collection x/50 © Justin Schneider.
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