Debra Carey

Debra Carey, a wildlife illustrator and writer since 1998, brings nature alive by spotlighting in breathtaking detail the magic of plants and animals. In 1999 Debra was honored with the Illinois’ Outstanding Master Gardener Award. This experience launched countless hours in libraries researching plant-animal interactions that continues today. The experience also unearthed a desire to illustrate nature. Four years of certification and master studies show her art embodies her fine draftsmanship and a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Her illustration and graphic design has earned a quality level three with the US Government Printing Office and is commissioned through corporate, private and licensing assignments. She has taught Botanical Illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design Sarasota, FL, been curator of art exhibits and mentored budding artists. Carey is an advocate for nature conservation and empowerment of a new generation of illustrators.

As a wildlife illustrator, writer and conservationist, my artistic style is a balance of realistic to stylistic interpretation. Nature subjects are rendered using pre-20th century illustration techniques of form, translucency and depth. Within the matrix, negative space allows the viewer to journey and discover my depiction of natural interactions. Surprise and learning revealed through narrative of the ecosystem or micro-habitat culminate in an understanding of each unique association.

Classic two dimension illustration is depicted on vellum (sheep skin) or drafting film using pen & ink or watercolor. The substrates and mediums I choose are Italian handmade paper for control of glaze absorption in watercolor, drafting film to obtain detail of burnished color pencil drawings and low VOC latex for ecologically green wall murals. Many workshops complete my graphic design abilities. I use camera and various graphic applications to achieve compilation and product design.

My desire to publish my research and illustration is still forming. Through the learning process my corporation has formed collaborations and lifelong bonds with numerous people and organizations. The hats I wear of Illustrator, Promotion Company, Event Coordinator, Curator or Juror supply the highest reward, to foster the growth and understanding of conservation.

Debra Jane Carey, President, Illustrator, Researcher
Interaction Art, Inc. Bradenton, Florida USA
We blend compelling nature images with natural history narratives

Full Service Illustration, Graphic Design, Digital Compilation, Installation/Production/Product Sourcing


Yellow Ladies’ Slipper with pollinator Bumblebee 6½” x 11½” Watercolor
© Debra Carey, 2011
Swan Orchid 17” x 15” Watercolor
© Debra Carey, 2002
Southern Red Cedar with larval host Juniper Hairstreak 11” x 9¼” Watercolor
© Debra Carey, 2010
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