Bobbi Angell

Botanical Illustration

Bobbi Angell’s botanical illustrations have appeared in a wide variety of scholarly and commercial publications since she began her career in 1978.  She has reached a popular
audience through seed catalogs, The New York Times garden column and its compilation books, and the popular memoir Our Life in Gardens by Joe Eck and Wayne Winterrrowd.  Living deep in the hills of southern Vermont, Bobbi draws constantly, exhibits frequently, teaches occasionally, and gardens whenever she can.

In recent years Bobbi has been enjoying the intricate art of copper etching. Printmaking allows a natural extension of her compositional style with an enhanced focus on fine detail.  Her graceful designs are drawn onto a ground on a copper plate, etched with acid, and hand printed individually in small editions. A select few are hand tinted with watercolor.  Each image reflects a personal involvement with the subject, whether observed in the wild or selected from her extensive and rambling gardens.

Throughout her career, Bobbi’s focus has to illustrate scholarly texts with pen and ink drawings created expressly to aid identification of the plant species depicted.  Using her botanical training, keen observational skills, and artistic sensibilities, she creates accurate, exquisitely detailed illustrations.  Much of her work represents years of ongoing collaboration with scientists from The New York Botanical Garden and around the world, working from herbarium specimens, pickled flowers, photographs and her own field sketches.  Her images are not only scientifically precise but also beautifully composed, even when they are reconstructions of flattened dried specimens.  The clarity of the microscopic detail provides an intimate view of beauty that usually escapes the naked eye.  With 30 years of continuous work and over 2000 species illustrated, Bobbi’s ink drawings compliment the pages of texts including Orchids of the Greater Antilles, Intermountain Flora, Vines of Puerto Rico, and  Vascular Plants of Central French Guiana.  Many botanists, when identifying a specimen, go straight to the illustrations rather than to the keys and descriptions, and those who use a flora illustrated by Bobbi often find that the work is worth contemplating for the pleasure of the illustrations alone.

Her work continues to win awards, including the prestigious Jill Smythies Award from The Linnean Society of London, The American Society of Botanical Artists’ Award for Excellence in the Service of Science, and NY State Museum FON XI Juror’s award.  She is a member of Brooklyn Botanical Garden Florilegium Society and Brattleboro West Arts, Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, and a board member of American Society of Botanical Artists.

P.O.Box 158 Marlboro,
VT 05344

Sweet Peas - Hand colored copper etching,
7 x 8". © Bobbi Angell, 2010.

Apple, hand colored copper etching, 6 x 9"
© Bobbi Angell, 2010
Fuchsia glaberrima, copper etching, 9 x 12"
© Bobbi Angell, 2009
Cayaponia glandulosa 10 x 14" Pen & ink
© Bobbi Angell, 2010
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